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Wanted: an Erin

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in far too long. My fault. I have been working on a little project called planning a wedding, which takes far more time than I would have guessed. Dan and I are also planning a trip to Argentina in two weeks (!) to visit my little sister in Buenas Aires where she is studying abroad. Since my last post, I visited my grandparents in New York when they traveled across the country with my mom to attend my grandfather’s 65th West Point reunion, Dan and I moved into a lovely two bedroom apartment, we traveled back to Colorado for Ben and Kate’s wedding, and we traveled to Charlottesville, VA for a weekend getaway, only to get stuck there when all of the trains back to DC were cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. At first, it was fun to have an extra day in wine country, but when the trains on Monday were cancelled as well, we became a bit frustrated and had to join many other very frustrated people on an overbooked and two-hour delayed Greyhound bus back to DC. Fall soccer has started up and so far, our team is 1 win, 1 tie, and vying for a playoff spot. I traveled to Memphis, TN with the White House Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative, and as hoped, there is already a place in my heart for Memphis; I am looking forward to returning to work on some health initiatives and to drink some more Blues City Brew. I am still working a lot and enjoying trying my hardest to make health care work a little bit better. Speaking of which, Dan wrote me an email while he was waiting for me to get home this evening and it was so good, I just have to post it:

I am posting an ad on Craigslist…

Looking for an Erin; I lost my Erin and I don’t know where she is. I need a new Erin soon as I am sad with out her. I have her dog, so replacement Erin will have to like dogs and dog walking. If replacement Erin comes with cooking and cleaning skills, that is a plus. I do most of the cooking for current Erin, but she does have a few specialties like meat sandwich, which you will be responsible for. Lost Erin had a good sense of humor and would put up with most of my shit, this will be expected of new Erin as well, if you think I am too shitty, realize that this is a progressively funded relationship, so I have to pay about 10% more, but Erin replacement has to put up with 10% more shit, so it evens out. New Erin should like to travel and be willing to help plan our future trip around the world, being a travel leader is advisable as I will likely get tired and scared and spend the entire trip at an internet cafe reading about the countries I am in. Please reply as soon as possible, old Erin is still missing, and the dog and I need dinner.

Family Outside of Grandma's House

Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Me, and my grandma's cousin, Irma, where my grandma grew up

Grandma and Grandpa dancing

Grandma and Grandpa can still cut a rug, at the West Point Reunion

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Happy 35th Anniversary

A little present for my padres — Congrats!

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the little sister joins the blogosphere

Kelly Anne Miller has started a blog. Check out her experiment: http://kellyannemiller.blogspot.com/

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